June 21, 2017

Enterprise Switches

NSP Enterprise 24, 48 port L2/L3 and High-availability Core switches

The digital revolution is the new growth engine for the global economy. Even the smallest businesses around the remotest corners of the world are getting connected and reaping benefits of digital connectivity.

Efficiency in consumption and operations is no longer just a cost cutting corporate measure but a question of existence and sustainability of the human race. Digital connectivity is sitting at the center of this offering solutions like smart cities and e-governance to make us a more efficient society. Governments across the world are planning to deliver governance and citizen services over digital media.

Nivetti’s NSP™ series access, distribution and core switches, based on the next generation switching hardware platform offer higher throughput, lower power consumption and unmatched scalability. Powered by Nivetti’s revolutionary NiOS™ Network operating which provides a host of L2/L3 features along with new age manageability features that make realizing and maintaining any network a breeze.

NSP™ series access and distribution switches come with 24 and 48 port Gigabit Ethernet option with non-blocking architecture. NSP switches offer 1G and 10G optical uplink connectivity options (with/without MACSEC). With PoE+ enabled power supplies, NSP switches offer ability to connect PoE powered devices on all the ports simultaneously. The dual redundant power supplies enables uninterrupted network connectivity for crucial compute, access control and surveillance equipment.

NSP core switches offer carrier grade high-availability with the ability to aggregate up to 196 access switches. Offering interfaces ranging from 1G,10G to 40G,  NSP core switches offer high speed L3 backbone connectivity to the enterprise.

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Category Features
Management ·         CLI·         SSHv1,v2

·         HTTPS

·         XMP

·         SNMPv2,v3

·         RMON

·         EzEMS™ (Nivetti’s Element Management Systems)

Switching Features ·         VLAN (802.1Q, 802.1p)

·         Link Aggregation (802.1ax)

·         STP (802.1D)

·         RSTP (802.1w)

·         MSTP (802.1s)

·         Ethernet Ring Protection (G.8032 v1, v2)

·         LLDP (IEEE 802.1ab)

·         LLC (IEEE 802.2)

·         DHCP Snooping

·         DHCP Server

·         1588v2 PTP

·         SyncE

·         Local and remote port mirroring

·         Dynamic VLAN allocation

·         Ethernet OAM ( IEEE 802.3ah)

·         CFM (IEEE 802.1ag)

Security ·         Port Authentication 802.1x

·         Port- MAC binding

·         MAC Limiting

·         Anti-spoofing (MAC-IP, ARP)

·         ACL

·         Private VLAN (PVLAN)

·         Per port broadcast, multicast and unicast storm control

·         MACSEC (802.1ae) Optional

Quality of Service (QoS) ·         Multi-field classification & Marking

·         Up to 8 priorities queues per port

·         Policing –DLB, srTCM, trTCM and modified trTCM (RFC 2697, RFC 2698 & RFC 4115)

·         Shaping and Scheduling – SPR, WFQ, CIR-EIR, RED,WRED

·         L2,L3,L4 based packet classification

Multicast ·         IGMP v2/v3,

·         IGMP Proxy

·         IGMP Snooping

·         Fast Leave

·         PIM SM

·         PIM DM

·         PIM SSM

L3 Features ·         RIPv2

·         OSPFv2,v3

·         Dual Stack

·         BGP4

·         ECMP

·         VRRP

·         DHCP relay

·         Policy Based Routing (PBR)

·         NTP

AAA ·         RADIUS,

·         TACACS+,

·         AAA Policy Domains,

·         EAP