May 12, 2017



Next Generation Networks are being designed to do more than merely connect devices – they are being designed to provide secure connectivity and guaranteed service. A secure and guaranteed service delivered to a business customer accessing time critical inventory information may have different characteristics than secure and guaranteed service delivering e-lessons to an eager student in a remote village. But the underlying network elements, that enable secure and guaranteed services, need to have the smarts to make this happen – dynamically, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Nivetti delivers a wide portfolio of products infused with its revolutionary Network Operating System – NiOS™. NiOS™ is a bottoms-up approach to building a highly secure, scalable, modular and flexible software operating system. NRP Family of Aggregation Routers, powered by NiOS™, are designed as a Convergence Platform to connect various circuit/legacy technologies (e.g. T1/E1, T3/E3, STM1/4/16) and packet technologies (e.g. 1G/10G/40G Ethernet) to a Packet Core Network. With it’s distributed processing architecture, NRP series routers allow a ‘pay as you grow’ model for customer who can deploy 1G, 10G and legacy interface speeds today and upgrade to 40G speeds by just replacing the line cards on the same chassis, enabling a migration path from legacy to high-speed interfaces.

Owing to it’s distributed processing architecture, NRP series routers boast fastest packet forwarding latency figures in its class which are less than 50% compared to other products in the market. NRP series routers offer this performance at an amazing power efficiency with the best byte forwarded to wattage ratio in it’s class.

Product List

Router Category Capacity (Full Duplex)


Enterprise Edge 65 Gbps


Provider Edge/Access 160 Gbps


Access/Aggregation 240 Gbps


Aggregation/Core 480 Gbps

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