May 19, 2017


Network Virtualization has bridged the gap between mathematical modeling based network simulations and real world networks. Nivetti has developed first of its kind network virtualization technology called the ClayNet™, which not only allows users to create complex network topologies constituting of routers, switches and firewalls but also incorporate the compute elements like desktop and servers to emulate real world IT infrastructures. The fun doesn’t stop here as ClayNet™ allows users to run real life network and security scenarios which can help prepare the administrator for worst case scenarios.

ClayNet’s Lego like model allows users to create complex physical and logical topologies in matter of hours. ClayNet’s advance features like per node resource allocation, traffic tracking, integrated security testing tools and topology management enables unprecedented opportunity to harden your network and compute configurations for stability, scalability and security.

To know more about ClayNet™ contact sales team of Nivetti.

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