July 1, 2017


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As we all know that there is no such thing as 100% secure. Security is a constant endeavor where we work towards identifying and protecting the digital infrastructure from advanced attacks evolving on a daily basis. With more and more application traffic getting encrypted end to end and constant mutation of malwares, the traditional signature based mechanisms of cyber security like firewalls, IPS/IDS are falling short of expectations. This calls for networks to play a more important role in the overall security posture of the organization. This also means that a new species of security product is required to learn and analyze the consolidated traffic entering and leaving the organization along with the internal east-west conversations to detect anomalies in near real time and take corrective action to defend the network.

HawkSecure™ is a Network Data Monitoring and ML based Threat Analytics solution that provides overall organizational data movement visibility, early threat detection against APTs and insider threats which the current incident management and perimeter security device like firewall fail to address. HawkSecure™ analytics does Algorithmic detection of well known threats, creates a learning based Trip Wire framework of Policies to catch intrusion and Machine Learning based anomaly detection to provide ability to detect zero day attacks and new attack vectors.

HawkSecure™ is an offline solution and works on mirrored traffic from aggregation switch to monitor all east west and north south traffic activity of an organization. This makes it very easy to deploy Hawk without any performance impact/latency in the existing network.

Algorithmic Threat Detection (ATD)

HawkVision utilizes its intelligent treat detection engine which comes with precision algorithms to detect various well known threats in near real time.

Policy Based Trip Wires(PBTW)

HawkVision’s machine learning engine profiles and baselines the networks and suggests unique trip wire policies to the administrator based on organization’s existing network utilization and behavior. This unique mechanism of setting policy trip wires provides serious advantage to any SOC team over the adversary.

Anomaly Detection (AD)

HawkVision’s machine learning and AI engine learns and baselines the network behavior of an organization to help detect anomalies across various network parameters at organization level, device level and user level to highlight zero day attacks and new attack vectors.